Paris Opera
Paris Opera

John Santana
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Debussy: Children's Corner Suite
Paul Crossley-Paino

Tuesday, April 22


Tuesday, April 22


Wednesday, April 23

A Coffin in Egypt


Updated: 10/30/2012 13:17

Female, Sharpei/Terrier Mix, 32 lbs

If you are looking for a dog who will be the life of every party, look no further than this adorable Shar Pei/Terrier mix. Kimi has a big outgoing, personality and wants to be in the center of all that is happening. A young dog, her greatest challenge is impulse control. Often she knows what she needs to do but can't help but doing what she wants to do. However, every day she improves in this area and with consistent positive training this will change. She is currently enrolled in our beginning obedience class where she is making great progress. Kimi really wants to be a good girl and make folks as happy as she is! Her new adopters will want to be sure that she continues in her training here at Pet Orphans, enrolling her in our free training course. Like any teenager, she needs structure and clearly defined boundaries to become the wonderful dog she wants to be. She would make a great dog for an active individual or family, and will do best with lots of interactive outdoor play and exercise.
Male, DMH, 10 lbs

I'm a mature young guy taking the transition of coming out of a home pretty rough. I was brought here with my brother Todd and he seems to be fine. Everyday I am opening up more and more. I enjoy getting my chin scratched and would ultimately love to go home where I could be with my brother but I would be fine as an only cat or a nice addition to your current feline friend.