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Just take one look at Bristles (A1504448, 2 years old, 11 pounds) -- and he will steal your heart. His sad face, so sweet and sincere, speaks of a dog so gentle and patient, waiting for someone to save him. This dog is loving from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. Including the luxated backside that has left him with a slight limp. Yet, even with that going on, he can cuddle with the best of 'em. Just watch Bristles here -- well, from another angle, sorry. But, even sideways, he's a gem.

Bristles is on medical alert and is extremely urgent! You can meet him at the South L.A. shelter. 1850 West 60th St. L.A. 90047 (Western & Slauson) (213) 485-0214 or -0303.

There are medical funds available for Bristles orthopedic assistance, payable directly to your vet, if you are a qualified rescue. Please let me know if you are interested. With thanks, Andrea (323) 363-4909

Meet Charlie the newest addition to our cattery. He is six years and a bundle of love. Look at those beautiful markings of orange and white swirls. He is so gentle. He comes to you for pets and purrs up a storm. You can meet him anytime in the cattery. Come visit. We would all love to see you.

Timmons Subaru is dedicated to connecting pets with new best friends through their involvement with ASPCA. Timmons Subaru is passionate about pets.

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